Students at Liberty Church.

Not just in your Uni, for your Uni.

Be part of a community, not just a crowd.

Liberty Church London is a Start Up that launched last September. We are not just a church in London, we are for London. From day one we have hungered to be a church community that reflects the beauty and diversity of the city we are in. Whatever your age, race, social class, nationality etc we hope you can find true community at Liberty Church London.

We believe in gathering together, not just on Sundays but everyday. In this season much of that is done online, whatever that looks like over the coming weeks and months, we still believe we were meant to do life TOGETHER. Through community we strengthen one another and build each other up so that we might be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we go.

Just like we want to be a church for London (not just in London), we want you to be a student for your University. When you "Follow Jesus" and "Thrive In Community", then you will inevitably "Make a Difference".

Below is our Online Connect Card. Fill it out so that one of our Pastors can reach out to you. We want your time at University to be impactful and filled with purpose.

Check out this two minute video sharing the heart of Liberty Church London.

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